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The problem is that the film not the message seems more like an expensive, well-acted Sunday School video to be shown to youth groups rather than a movie even non-Christians who are, one would assume, the target audience would enjoy.

Of course, just because you know he's going to die doesn't mean you won't get weepy when it actually happens, but you may want to punch the director in the face for turning a dying boy into an instrument for evangelizing.

Letters to God is their first production. Barnes and Noble's across the country will be putting up displays soon for this piece of shit, probably orchestrated by the religion buyer who is an evangelical stooge hired away from Wal-Mart.

Letters to God

Doughtie's mother-in-law was a member of Grace Baptist and worked for two other Grace members who asked Dugger to pray for Tyler just prior to going to St. Why does she have trouble with the idea of faith? For a much more nuanced message film, check out Alejandro Gomez Monteverde's Bella.

'Letters to God' film has moving true story

Retrieved April 7, Initially we were going to do a different film, and a good friend of mine in Orlando who is a writer had worked with Patrick Dowdy, the father of the little boy, on his first script, and he sent me Letters to God. We brought in a local pastor, did a little ten-minute devotion, and then we prayed on set with everybody at the start of the day.

Why does Tyler's mother get upset at the mention of God? This is fairy tale bullshit that goes in the same crap bucket as Mitch Albom and The Shack. Perhaps you personally have experienced the pain of sickness and the absence of laughter and faith. Your Own Letter to God," which is a practical guide to help people better understand the purpose and practice of prayer, he said.

Like To Save a Life, it's just too much, too bogged down by the message to deliver as a film. This is not a subtle movie. The hardest part was then finding a production company to film and produce the movie, especially a company that would keep the faith elements in the picture.

Add your rating See all 16 kid reviews. The performances were OK; the movie perhaps a bit too formulaic. You have worked extensively on Facing the Giants and Fireproof but this is your first directing effort in more than 10 years.

Tyler, however, died in at the age of 9. He has developed a wristband that says "John 3: Inspired by the major motion picture Letters to God, this novel is for readers eager to read more of this inspiring story.

It is extremely well written. Ralph Waite as Mr. In addition to their books there are three other "Letters to God" products being released, including a Bible, a journal and a book on hope.

And so the movie really shows that better than anything else. Cancer boy writes a letter to God, and decides to mail it, apparently to Heaven, which judging by the postmark on the cover is somewhere in the United States.

For information, contact Dugger at Grace Baptist Church at or his website at www. Nixon said he hoped the film to run in theaters for three to four months, then for it to go to Blu-ray and DVD around July or August Fireproof co-producer readies new film".A heartfelt tale of inspiration, hope and redemption, "Letters to God" is the story of what happens when one boy's walk of faith crosses paths with one man's search for meaning -- the resulting 24%.

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Tyler's Father Shares How the Story Came to Life. Robyn Lively, right, plays the mother of Tyler (Tanner Maguire) in the new movie "Letters to God," which opens April 9.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--Like any dad whose child is undergoing a major health issue, Patrick Doughtie was convinced his son Tyler would recover from medulloblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor.

Other than that, this film is like watching the Hallmark Channel. Over the top chesseiness and just way to corny for a person to handle.

Not to mention, acting and writing that is so flat, that even it's emotional situations cannot get you touched at all.

Letters to God is a slow, bland, cheeseball film%. Tyler decides to write LETTERS TO GOD which he places in his mailbox on a regular basis. The letters are picked up by their new postman, Brady (Jeffrey Johnson), who's struggling with alcoholism, divorce, and an ugly custody dispute.

Letters to God - A heartfelt tale of inspiration, hope and redemption, “Letters to God” is the story of what happens when one boy’s walk of faith crosses paths with one man’s search for meaning—the resulting transformational journey touches the lives of everyone around them.

Write a letters to god movie
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