How to write a family reunion reminder letter

Mention all details of the program including date, time, and place. The park is located at Clermont Way in Denver, Colorado. I can be reached at Phone Number or Email Address. Here are some Sample Reunion Letters: So which one should you use? We hope to see you at our new cabin on the shores of Lake Tahoe near the North Shore.

For example, "Welcome Franklins! Yet, we still remain the crazy, loving, crazy loving family we have always been.

Sample Family Reunion Letters

With 26 years under our belts and two new babies in the family, the tree just keeps on growing! Keep in mind there may be a few more elements you want to include based on your specific need. Here are some sample family reunion letters. Also, if the reader needs to put money into a pot for food or bring a dish, this information should be in this paragraph.

Those coming from out of town may want to know what hotels are close to the venue and other options of where to stay. With an invitation letter, however, there is more room to roam to denote and detail specifics of the reunion.

You may unsubscribe at any time with one click. Homecoming is November 1, You can still prepare yourselves once again for another family adventure filled with excitement, fun, entertainment, and just fellowshipping with one another as we continue our journey of faith, hope, and love!!!

We are very much looking forward to you coming and joining us this reunion on a family vacation to the City of Dallas, TX!!! When you closely examine the sample letter and you will note the following information and details are included: I hope you got value and inspiration from this post.

The last reunion was held at San Clemente on the beach and 72 people came from all across the country. You can pay for other activities that you choose to attend. Close the family reunion letter by asking members to get involved. Include some phrases to make your reader realize that you have not be re united for a long time.

Family Reunion Invitation Letter

What really matters is that you get the right points across clearly the first time, so that you can save time in the long run. To my amazing family: While some may say this is just an invitation, it is really an informative piece that has important time and date information.

Add the location of the family reunion Write where the reunion is taking place, including separate driving directions or maps from major highways to give recipients a general idea of the location. Although we are expecting clear, sunny skies, mother nature is in complete control; in the event of adverse weather conditions, the event will be moved indoors to the Schuster Recreational Center, located at Miami Blvd, Miami Beach, FL.

Did you enjoy this post?Greeting to you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and we pray that this letter finds you in good health in recuperation from our July Dallas reunion and in great anticipation of the family reunion and excursion.

Family Reunion Invitation Letter Use this letter when you are inviting people-most likely your immediate and extended family members-to attend a family reunion.

Sample Family Reunion Letters

You will probably lean toward using an informal tone in a letter like this. Genealogy discussion about Family Reunion Reminder Letter. Preview: Just wanted to let you know that the reunion reminder letter is posted up on my profile for download.

The Holiday Inn is. Our family reunion is on July 26th! Sincerely, Christy Johnson [email protected] Thank You for Attending. If you do not plan on writing thank you letters individually, then your next best option is to write a letter that collectively thanks everyone for showing up.

REUNION PLANNING SUGGESTIONS The St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission (CVC) is happy to assist you in planning a Write a letter to all members (see sample letter #1A - including the questionnaire #1B).

4. Contact your local Convention & Visitors Commission (St. Louis Leisure Travel Sales, Decide if the Family will be creating. Write, “Don’t Forget the Miller Family Reunion!” at the top of the message area of the postcard. Step 3 State some of the activities that you have planned for the reunion.

How to write a family reunion reminder letter
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