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Is that a fair characterization of how he acted in the events described in the novel? Examiners complained that students had pre-prepared answers which they refused to adapt to the question asked.

Now, look for columns or grids that have 2 of the same number. Frankenstein's creature explains his anger, saying, "There was non among the myriads of men that existed who would pity or assist me; and should I feel kindness towards my enemies? Link individual characters from different texts, establish the ways they or their circumstances are similar but also point out subtle differences.

We try not to take any called strikes. When confronted by Nick much later, all he could talk about with questionable authenticity was how he had suffered when Myrtle died; he didn't consider how Myrtle had suffered nor was he concerned that his actions in pointing Wilson toward Gatsby's mansion had led to the deaths of both men.

To do this, go through the novel and find instances of how Fitzgerald uses these colors to illustrate his ideas about the American Dream. Nick, however, knew better but chose to allow himself to be enlisted to assist each of them. The best is yet to be. It was full of money — that was the inexhaustible charm that rose and fell in it, the jingle of it, the cymbals' song of it.

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When the Jay Gatsby of the novel is courting Daisy in Louisville, he pretends to be from the same wealthy class as Daisy. I couldn't forgive him or like him, but I saw that what he had done was, to him, entirely justified.

In the novel Gatsby took the name years before he met Daisy. Even if he thought that the best way to get rid of Wilson was to send him to Gatsby's, he should have warned Gatsby. When a man expects to be arrested, every knock at the door is an alarm.

In the years that lay before us, Half seen through the distant haze, The winters grew drearily longer And briefer the summer days. She has disappointed him too many times. Look at each of the remaining 9 positions and see if you can find the location of the missing number.

The following two questions should be asked together: It was all very careless and confused. At the end of the story when Tom and Nick meet by chance in front of a jewelry store in New York and Tom admits that he had sent Wilson toward Gatsby, why did Nick shake Tom's hand? While one finds company in himself and his pursuits, he cannot be old, whatever his years may number.

He explains, "I heard about the slothful Asiatics; of the stupendous genius and mental activity of the Grecians; of the wars and wonderful virtue of the early Romans-of their subsequent degenerating-of the decline of that mighty empire; of chivalry, Christianity, and kings.

The dialogue between Gatsby and Nick about the tapestry in Gatsby's mansion is not in the novel. Recollections of My Spiritual Life, Age is just a number. What is the significance of rain in this story?

With such people the grey head is but the impression of the old fellow's hand in giving them his blessing, and every wrinkle but a notch in the quiet calendar of a well-spent life. Gatsby, the closest thing to a good man in the story, someone who was "worth the whole lot of them put together" was a bootlegger and stock swindler who was a hopeless romantic dreamer.

This foreshadows what will happen to Gatsby. Nick starts out, talking about Daisy. He narrates, I had been the author of unalterable evils; and I live in daily fear, lest the monster whom I had created should perpetrate some new wickedness.

How old are you—thirty, fifty, eighty? Or, he could give up the dream, recognize that one cannot relive the past, and go on to a new life. Miami Watersports Flyboard is the newest extreme sport. He allowed Tom to use him to facilitate his relationship with Myrtle.

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Baseball is the quintessential American sport and was rocked and almost destroyed by scandal when gamblers bribed players to fix the World Series. They pause in their flight, and for a moment call a strike against the tyrant Time.

Nick notes that she has "bright eyes and a bright passionate mouth.Hi just wondering if there is a 40 mark question and a 30 mark question ( cultural context) and the first question asks you to compare two of the texts you have studied and the second question asks you to talk about your third do you only compare two of them in the first part and not even mention the third text?

Essay on The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald - Daisy is mainly concerned with the material things in life, crying when Gatsby shows her his expensive shirts because it.

Another example of absolute metaphor creates a comparison with Gatsby's car: 'It was a rich cream color, bright with nickel, swollen here and there in its monstrous length with triumphant hat.

Welcome to my page of quotations about age, aging, and youth. Even though I've been collecting these since I was thirteen, I must admit that this page has grown quite a bit since my late thirties and early forties, when the subject suddenly became a lot more personal to me.

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What is a good thesis statement for the use of symbolism and motifs in relation to the American Dream in The Great Gatsby? I need to write an essay of how F. Scott Fitzgerald uses the devices of.

Great gatsby quotes essay example
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