Factors affecting consumer behavior psychology essay

It is a very important relationship with others. The study of consumer behavior includes: The skills are developed through practice while the knowledge and intention are acquired with the experience.

Development of personality is also influenced by the nature of nervous system. Human beings have a distinctive characteristic of communication through language.

Further, this atmosphere-induced mood may enhance affiliate behavior within the store; e. What are the origins of behavior study? You can define a consumer singly or as a combination of these definitions. This is where social and psychological factors play a vital role in selecting our Breakfast mates and where our marketing activity can be judged that how we used these factors.

Thus, the marketers try to understand the attitudes and beliefs of the individuals and modify these through several marketing campaigns. Some are more cost effective than others. In hot countries like India certain products which keep us cool like squashes, sarbatas, are demanded but they have no demand in cold regions.

Cultural Environment is another factor, the cultural environment refers to certain cultural traditions, ideals, and values which are accepted in a particular society. The Buying Center 1. The producers of such items make heavy profits which would not have been possible without study of consumer behaviour because it is against basic economic theory.

An African Perspective, Durban: Is there any difference in the buying preferences of city and country dwellers? As a result, many companies segment their consumers according to their occupations. After several minutes in the store, shoppers completed the Mehrabian-Russell emotional response scales Pleasure and Arousal only.

Perception means that how the people receive the data and how they use it. We build strong and trusted relationships with our suppliers by providing transparent and clear policies and guidelines.

Someone claims regeneration of vitality even in old person. Of course, the process is outlined rather mechanically which gives the implication that consumers approach their buying decisions with a certain academic air and take a lot of time to make the decisions.

If one tests the market before launching a new product this type of disaster can be avoided or minimized. What to buy and when to buy it.

Thus, the marketers try to understand the attitudes and beliefs of the individuals and modify these through several marketing campaigns. Personality is defined by deferent psychologists. Disadvantages of Study of Consumer Behaviour: What are the types of online customers?

It gave tough competition to Hindustan Lever, Surf the market leader and today Nirma has become a big producer.

Theories of Situational Factors That Influence Customers

Meghee became very popular with consumers but when other companies tried they failed, some of them have become sick. Some of the important Psychological Factors are: In selective attention, the marketer tries to gain the attention of the customer towards his offerings.

Of concern to business Marketers: How consumers think and feel about different alternatives brands, products, services, and retailers How consumers reason and select between different alternatives The behavior of consumers while researching and shopping How consumer behavior is influenced by their environment peers, culture, media How marketing campaigns can be adapted and improved to more effectively influence the consumer These considerations are influenced by three factors: Situational factors might happen that the salesperson drive his choice to the consumer.

Environmental factors play a vital role in the development of personality. Typically, different lifestyles will be attached to different kinds of consumer behavior. In certain cases the price of such cloth is three to eight times of normal suiting price but some section still buy it for prestige or show.

Product quality and service, Price and Efficiency of the product. Social factors include reference groups, family, social roles and statuses. Secretaries and technology personell acts as gatekeepers. For instance, Roohafza of Hamdard succeeded well but when other companies tried like Dabur to produce similar products they could not succeed.

Psychological Factors That Influence Consumer Buying Behavior

They go for the product which satisfies their need only.In this essay, I shall discuss the groups that I belong to and evaluate how they may have influenced my purchasing behavior as a consumer. Informal Reference Group An informal reference group is a group that has no set structure or designated roles (Moschisp).

20 Great Topics: Consumer Behavior Dissertation Ideas It is difficult to choose a great topic for your dissertation project. The following list of ideas is aimed to make it a bit easier for you.

Situational factors influencing customers are external factors usually outside of the control of marketers, manufacturers and, sometimes even retailers. In general, the situation affects how. Consumer behavior is affected by several factors.

All these factors are grouped into four broad categories, namely psychological, personal, social and cultural factors, Kotler and Keller (, ). Under each of these categories, there are many different kinds of factors.

Psychological Factors. Consumer behaviour, is influenced by many individual and environmental factors and we believe that social class is one of the most important one of these factors. For instance, In Some countries with strong class differences. combines factors from psychology, sociology, anthropology and economics, which attempts to understand the buyer decision-making process individually and in groups (Dodoo, ).

However, there is no consensus with regard to the definition of consumer behavior and its.

Factors affecting consumer behavior psychology essay
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