Essay on why should we celebrate columbus day

Like Columbus, they will force your children into sexual slavery and feed you to their dogs if they can get away with it. Current views on Columbus Day: Is America right in celebrating the worst catastrophe that happen to Hispanic America?

Columbus Day commemorates the day that Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas. From there, I tried to find a more objective and accurate approach to what really happened, and I came to an interesting conclusion given the present cultural attitudes. These dogs wrought havoc among the natives and were responsible for much carnage.

Of course, many of the most active opponents of the holiday are Native Americans, and some argue that the holiday should be a celebration, or better yet a memorial, of Indian peoples, who were here before Columbus.

It all began with the Europeans taking native women and children both as servants and to satisfy their own base appetites; then, not content with what the local people offered them of their own free will and all offered as much as they could sparethey started taking for themselves the food the natives contrived to produce by the sweat of their brows, which was in all honesty little enough.

It may be true that Leif Erickson was the first European to step foot in North America, and yes, the Native Americans had already lived here for thousands of years, but neither of them ushered in the vast economic and social revolution that Columbus did.

Christopher Columbus was a genocidal rapist and slave trader, the godfather of the American Holocaust. Historical knowledge can help students create an argument to answer those questions. Turning points are powerful lenses through which students need to view our past. If anything, willfully ignoring these terrible stories is itself revisionism, and lionizing Columbus as some sort of hero is honoring a lie.

The Columbus controversy can also help students see that history is still applicable today. Since what a European will consume in a single day normally supports three native households of ten persons each for a whole month, and since the newcomers began to subject the locals to other vexations, assaults, and iniquities, the people began to realize that these men could not, in truth, have descended from the heavens.

America Is That You, Playa? 4 Reasons Not To Celebrate Christopher Columbus Day

It would be unfair to paint the explorers who brought them here as villains when they were unaware of what they were doing.

It still is for many people, and for that reason should be celebrated, in the same way that Irish-Americans celebrate St.

Columbus Day 2018

What were his actual contributions? However, this claim is blatantly false. They cripple our schools and blame the teachers. We conduct public opinion polls on a variety of topics to inform our audience on events in the news and other topics of interest.

Nightly polling on politics, business and lifestyle topics provides the content to update the Rasmussen Reports web site many times each day. Also, he would take these helpless humans and ship them to Europe as slaves.

Today we call them Native Americans. And when, as happened on the odd occasion, the locals did kill a European, as, given the enormity of the crimes committed against them, they were in all justice fully entitled to, the Spanish came to an unofficial agreement among themselves that for every European killed one hundred natives would be executed.

Who celebrates this day? That's why we should keep Columbus Day. The Christians punched them, boxed their ears and flogged them in order to track down the local leaders, and the whole shameful process came to a head when one of the European commanders raped the wife of the paramount chief of the entire island.

These serpents simply whisper what we already believe into our ears, "Take it. If you do this, you will be able to set up the main point of your essay in Like Columbus, they have access to the world's deepest pockets. The only thing we can know for sure about history is that we repeat it, especially when we don't learn from it.

Furthermore, there is compelling evidence that suggests that native peoples, due to challenges posed by the land itself, would never have been able to develop a technologically advanced society independent of the west. Many who support Columbus Day as a holiday support the traditional view that Columbus's voyages made a New World possible.

He started to promote men into raping females as young as nine years old.Monday marks Columbus Day, at least on some calendars. The holiday commemorates Christopher Columbus' landing in the New World back inbut many are rethinking what it actually stands for, and what it glosses over—Columbus as a violent colonizer, better remembered for the killing and enslavement of Native Americans than for being the fearless explorer caricatured in pop culture.

Oct 13,  · I celebrate Columbus Day because I, for one, am glad he “discovered” America — the only country in the entire history of mankind that has accomplished so.

Should We Be Celebrating Columbus Day?

For all they've endured, Native Americans should be celebrated. Personally, I don’t think we should celebrate Columbus Day. A genocide happened in "the Americas," and it began with Columbus. When it comes to celebrating Indigenous Peoples' Day, I want to make sure we do justice to indigenous folks.

Should We Celebrate Columbus Day? Majority of People Say Monday's Holiday Is a 'Good Idea'

Was he really responsible for finding America or was he just simply lucky. The real question is, should the American people praise a man who had killed many innocent people. Though Columbus Day is celebrated no one really knows for what reasons.

Most Americans just enjoy their day off. Would they celebrate Columbus Day if they really knew the facts. Today is Columbus Day, celebrated as a federal holiday in the US since and intended to honour Genoese explorer Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the Americas in October

Essay on why should we celebrate columbus day
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