An analysis of pride in the character of beowulf

That's why Beowulf later leaves the gold in the cave beneath the mere, after defeating the mother, preferring to return with Grendel's head and the magic sword's hilt rather than treasure.

Beowulf Summary

The dragon, angry at being aroused and robbed, waits until nightfall; then, he uses his own fire and smoke to burn down the houses of the Geats as they watch in horror. Higlac rewards Beowulf for his bravery with parcels of land, swords and houses.

He represents the young warrior who helps the aging King Beowulf in his battle against the dragon in the second part of the poem, in much the same way as the younger Beowulf helped King Hrothgar in the first part.

Grendel is a descendant of Cain, the biblical son of Adam and Eve who killed his brother Abel out of jealousy Genesis 4. Grendel stomps up from the mere to devour Danes and rule nightly over Heorot as a form of revenge stemming from this envy.

It is this sword, blessed with the magic of the giants who made it, which he uses to slay her by cutting through her neck. Grendel's mother's revenge is more specific. Hence a story about him and his followers may have developed as early as the 6th century.

After Hygelac is killed in an ill-advised raid on Frisia, Beowulf makes a heroic escape ff. It is my job, to be an information resource for you. I wrote my first published article when I was 13 years old and Diora was my inspiration. Their job is to kid-proof all the mastiffs.

To King Hrothgar ff. Afterwards, a barrow, visible from the sea, is built in his memory Beowulf lines — The Gardiners, caring, nurturing, and full of common sense, often prove to be better parents to the Bennet daughters than Mr.

Page Number and Citation: The messenger predicts that the enemies of the Geats will feel free to attack them now that their great king is dead. He is out to establish a name for himself. Goldsmith did in "The Christian Theme of Beowulf,". Scholars will demonstrate their understanding through creating literature of their own.

When Beowulf reports to Hrothgar on his victory over Grendel ff. Hrothgar and his people, helpless against Grendel, abandon Heorot. List of translations and artistic depictions of Beowulf A great number of translations and adaptations are available, in poetry and prose.

This involves creating an extensive Notebook and oral presentation. Fame is a positive quality, having to do more with earned respect than vanity. The poem uses the word unabashedly, but a modern audience might feel uncomfortable with the concept, thinking of empty trophies in a superficial frame.

While possible that Ecgtheow brought a young Beowulf to visit, it is interesting to note that Beowulf himself never indicates that he has previously been to Hrothgar's hall.

The claw hangs from Heorot's roof, a macabre trophy. Although he is losing a friend, Beowulf observes but lies still.


Beowulf is courageous and famous for his performance in battle but equally well known for his good deeds.Educating Hearts and Minds for Latter-day Families. American Heritage School is a premier faith-based K Utah private school.

AHS offers Utah families an LDS-oriented learning environment and comprehensive academic and extracurricular programs at a cost well below that of other Utah private schools. Beowulf - The protagonist of the epic, Beowulf is a Geatish hero who fights the monster Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and a fire-breathing agronumericus.comf’s boasts and encounters reveal him to be the strongest, ablest warrior around.

In his youth, he personifies all of the best values of the heroic culture. Beowulf. Beowulf exemplifies the traits of the perfect hero. The poem explores his heroism in two separate phases—youth and age—and through three separate and increasingly difficult conflicts—with Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon.

Unferth. Unferth’s challenge to Beowulf’s honor differentiates him from Beowulf and helps to reveal some of the subtleties of the heroic code that the warriors must follow. Video: Beowulf Pride Quotes: Examples & Analysis.

In ''Beowulf,'' we see a variety of examples of pride. Their pride in surviving a battle, honoring the king, or supporting a devoted warrior is a. Beowulf (/ ˈ b eɪ ə w ʊ l f /; Old English: [ˈbeːo̯wulf]) is an Old English epic story consisting of 3, alliterative may be the oldest surviving long story in Old English and is commonly cited as one of the most important works of Old English date of composition is a matter of contention among scholars; the only certain dating pertains .

An analysis of pride in the character of beowulf
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