A paper on section b citizens and customer charters

On the other hand, eGovernment has implied the progressive informatization of public sector organizations, giving innovative opportunities for greater transparency in the relationships with citizens, by means of a new channel to provide information to the public and open up the internal machinery of traditional bureaucracies.

OUR COMMITMENT be at the service of the country and its citizens work to uphold the economic security and sovereignty of the country make our procedures and transactions as transparent as possible encourage and assist voluntary tax compliance carry out our tasks with: The first section will provide a general overview of the last public sector reforms, addressing the importance of the citizens and administrative transparency.

More recently, the diffusion of digital era governance improvements promoted the diffusion of electronic public services world wide.

Our Key Functions and Services Regulatory Functions Levy and collection of Customs and Central Excise duties and Service Tax Registration and monitoring of units manufacturing excisable goods and service providers Receipt and scrutiny of declarations and returns filed with the department Prevention of smuggling and combating evasion of duties and service tax Enforcement of border control on goods and conveyances Assessment, examination and clearance of imported goods and export goods Implementation of export promotion measures Clearance of international passengers and their baggage Resolution of disputes through administrative and legal measures Sanction of refund, rebate and drawback Realization of arrears of revenue Audit of assessments for ensuring tax compliance.

The Indian Scenario Over the years, in India, significant progress has been made in the field of economic development. In both cases, the original aspiration was to solve the magic equation: First, it is important to remark the positive role of EPS, as well as the advantages associated with them for users and public administrations, underlined in various reports from the European institutions and a number of national eGovernment strategies.

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The organisations concerned have taken action on deficiencies pointed out in these evaluations. This EPS based model has been consolidated during the last years in public administrations of different levels within the member states of the European Union, including Spain.

It leads to citizen friendliness and citizen convenience It is citizen friendly and convenient Increases morality in administration Raises efficiency and effectiveness in public delivery system. This paper tackles with two of them particularly: The term CC has been defined in various contexts with different implications.

In some extent, it implies that CCEPS may lack in the technological side, because there is no specific mechanisms to coordinate the role of the Spanish Council for Informatics actually Spanish Council for the Electronic Administration and also the General Directorate for Administrative Modernization, both key agents for technological implementation of horizontal projects related with eGovernment in Spanish central government, one of the aspects that should be change in the nearest future.

The objective of this section is to understand the extent and possibilities for a combination between both strategies, as well as the form in which that could affect to the relationships of public administrations with the public.

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Consult and involve; iv. This was the first formulation, although vague and in rhetorical terms, that linked the relevance of adopting specific standards in public service delivery and the new attributes of electronic services.

It was in this climate that a consensus began to evolve, sincein the Government on effective and responsive administration.

Those objectives are defined by means of verifiable, quantitative and qualitative standards through evaluations carried out by independent units dedicated in exclusive to this work McGuire, Capacity-Building Workshops On the basis of the feedback received and experience gained in these seminars, it was decided to organise separate Capacity-Building Workshops with specific focus on: The results were quite encouraging given the nascent stage of this initiative in India.

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This article presents a case study methodology, using a comparative approach addressing the study of past experiences and trajectories with quality management and eGovernment strategies. Citizen charters for electronic public services Recently, there is a revitalized interest in the potential of quality management systems and eGovernment instruments in different national contexts.

Different analyses of public sector web sites have been undertaken, they have almost exclusively addressed the potential for public service delivery, adopting rankings of eGovernment readiness and efforts in groups of countries, regions, or municipalities West, ; Vision Our Vision is to provide an efficient and transparent mechanism for collection of indirect taxes and enforcement of cross border controls with a view to encourage voluntary compliance.

CC have been adopted in different politico-administrative contexts, although their results have been unclear, above all, in continental countries. To do so, a detailed fieldwork was deployed during the first three months of The consultation process was minimal or largely absent. Training for employees of selected branches through master trainers, trained by the National Institute of Bank Management using a module developed in consultation with DARPG was organised.

On the other hand, the Ministry for Public Administrations assumed the responsibility for Measure 4 implementation and the coordination of ministerial departments to do so. Other key common elements are conformance to standards, stakeholder involvement and continuous improvement.

For the formulation of the Charters, the government agencies at the Centre and State levels were advised to constitute a task force with representation from users, senior management and the cutting edge staff. There is a natural resistance to change, particularly among the cutting-edge staff.

Finally, an exhaustive documentary analysis was deployed using official strategies, documents, and norms emanated from Spanish ministries and agencies related with this public modernization area.8) Citizen charters, which are also known as Service charters play an important role in improving public service delivery.

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Citizen’s Charters - A Handbook The spirit behind the Citizen’s Charter A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us; we are dependent on him.

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Customer Charters

Citizen Charter In: Social Issues Submitted By mahesh55 10/21/13 Citizen Citizen’s Charters- A Handbook A Publication of the Government of India Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances New Delhi, India Border Citizens It is easy to characterize the history of the.

A Paper on Section B Citizens and Customer Charters ( words, 1 pages) Section B Citizens' and customer charters Many organisations are very reputable and go beyond their rights under law by offering a range of services to their customers.

A paper on section b citizens and customer charters
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